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Intelligence Cleaning Robot Multifunction 3 in 1 system

cleaning,sweeping,vacuum portable cleaner

App voice control ia intelligent control

AI intelligent control sweeper

WiFi app automatic charging remote controller


New experience of cleaning

Map visualization

Intelligent planning

Point cleaning

Automatic recharge

AI intelligent control

Integration of sweeping and towing

App intelligent control

Anti collision

Fall prevention

With remote control





Intelligence Navigation system

Robot Equipped with adaptive environment navigation and new intelligent chip, it is easy to realize planning and cleaning

And it can build a map in real time, with high coverage and less missed scanning




Household ,office use

Surging suction

1500 Pa suction

Sweeping cleaning

Bilateral brush gathering



Suitable for all kinds of hard floor: tile floor, wood floor, stone floor



Multifunction cleaning,mopping,vacuum 3 in 1 system

1500 Pa strong suction with extended bilateral brush, easy to sweep away dust, hair, debris

Put on a rag to meet your cleaning requirements

Effectively remove stains, milk, etc



Navigation planning of gyroscope



Infrared automatic recharge precise positioning