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IPL e-light series

   • ipl(e-light) diana

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

LED (PDT) series

Slimming Cavitation

Q-Switch ND Yag series

Daily Health care


   • Rotomolding Kayak

UV disinfection lamp

Pets products

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Shanghai Freya Medical Technology Co., Ltd.  is  a  professional  and  leading  enterprise  which  mainly  specialized  in  R&D  advanced medical beauty laser equipments .During the last 6years,our machine are occupying good reputation in the international market . Now Freya medical  has a advanced team do our own personalized machine according to your request.

Research the secret of beauty

Human beings have been seeking after the secret of beauty and always research the way of keep beauty in life. Freya Medical believe science will help you keeping beauty in life and young foever.. Quality is the soul and mission of our enterprise. We insists on innovating in high quality products, maintaining high faith and supplying high level services.

Cavitation Vacuum Slim Ce...