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CO2 Laser Surgical Instrument is featured by reasonable construction, stable performance, safety and reliability.

This surgical equipment with CE and ISO certificates, is widely used in human/animal hospitals, clinics for surgery and plastic treatment. The laser source is the sealed CO2, wavelength is 10.6um. Micro-computer provides high definition of laser beam which ensures the treatment effect and safety. The 7-joints articulated arm is very flexible and makes operation more convenient. The cooling system is the enclosed liquid based circulation, without any noise when working.

Specification Color computer screen

8.4 inches color touch screen

Laser wavelength


Continuous /Output power

0.5~30W (adjustable)

Focal spot diameter


Operation mode

CW\single\Repeat pulse\super pulse

Articulated arm

7-joint spring-balanced

Working radius


Aiming beam

Diode laser 635nm\2mW


Pulse width 0.1~2mS

pulse recurrence rate

5~500 mS

Aiming beam mode

CW \ Repeat pulse\sans

Power supply

AC220V or 110V


400(D)×220 (W)×1100 (H) mm

Packing size

540×500×1220 mm

Gross weight

38kg (Net Weight:30kg



1. Dermatology: facial cosmetology, body freckle, nevus, tumour, wart, skin cancer, the instrument can excise anything superfluous or unless in order to make people strong and handsome and to prevent pathological changing.

2. E.N.T: all kinds of rhinitises, nose polyps, pharyngitises, oral hemangiomas.

3. Ophthalmology: orbit tumour, eyelid, sty, double blood skin.

4. Gynecology: chronic cervicitis, valvar angiofibromata, cervical erosion, leukoplakiavulvae, excesion uterus polyp , cervical carcinoma in situs, etc.

5. General surgery: haemorrhoids, aal fissure and anal fistula, phimosis, V.D. etc.

6. Physical therapy: inflammatory mass, chronic ulcers, vasculitis, scapulohumeral periarthritis , soft tissue contusion, wound infection.

7. Others: underarm odour, corn, ulcer.

Super Pulse function

Using super pulse can be better to reduce hot damage around the target organ .The super pulse width is extremely short(<2mS)and it hope that around the target organ can be cooled at interval of pulse. This machine has blowing function, which the heat can be blow away at interval of pulse and the pulse interval time adjustable from 0.01S to 1S(the fixed work width of pulse is <2mS).Advice that select longer interval time when the output power is major, and select short interval time when the output power is small. Made the interval time longer than hot organ cont time which may maximum reduce the water tumefaction after operation