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Manufacturer :Shanghai Freya Medical technology Co.,Ltd
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Multiple long pulse OPT IPl beauty machine is the NEW generation IPL machine.More Faster,More safety and pain-free than normal IPL.
more powerful and fast effect.

1.Xenon lamp imported from Germany Hereaus.It can ensure at least 300000 times lighting shot.
2.Treatment wavelength is 420nm- 950nm.Keep the waters in the target skin and let patients Pain- free.
3. Square pulse Technology with stability and uniform of energy which contribute to no side effect such as pain and burn.
4.Treatment frequency is 6HZ .It will 6-8 times faster than traditional ipl.
5.Easy operation system.User just need to set the treatment time ,Treatmen kind,and fluence.Equipment can work by itself.
6.Not only for Hair removal,But also used for Rejuvention,vascular Therapy,Pigmentation and Acne Therapy.

Light Source : Pure Sapphire

Wavelength:  430nm/ 530/590nm for SR, 640-950for HR
Spot Size:8*40mm or 15*50mm
Fluence Output : 1-25J/cm2 for HR, 1-25J/cm2 for SR
Frequency for shooting: 2Hz for SR, 3Hz for HR
Display: 8.4" colorful touch screen
Power supply:2000W
Energy calibrated automatically :Available
Water circulation Monitor:In-scene
Timer :1,3, 12S for SR, 1, 3, 30S for HR
Package size:           120*68*48