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Manufacturer :Shanghai Freya Medical technology Co.,Ltd
Fax - 86-021-35326287  
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Mobile Number - 86 – 18721609246
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Head Office - Room 916, No. 170, HuoShan Road, HongKou District, Shanghai, China

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General information:

 RF beauty equipment is high-tech beauty equipment with great safety and no wound. It utilizes advanced technology with cooling system to deliver radio-frequency energy to the deeper skin. The heat will accelerate the blood circle and make the fiber structure shrunk as well as stimulating the renewal of collagen.


Instant face/body lifting,Reduction in Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Pore closure,Radiant, glow after treatment

Rejuvenation mode

Fat Melting (including multipolar probe)

Soft Peel (up to mid dermis),Resurfacing

Stretch Mark Reduction

Comedone & Blackhead Evacuation (no extraction)

Acne Management (dries up skin from within)

Surgical mode for mole removal, spider vein ablation

Painless, comfortable treatment

Technical specification:

1) Treatment head size: 30mm diameter (body use); 15mm diameter (face use)

2) Output Frequency: 5MHz

3) Frequency energy:20-100J/cm3

4) Treatment Mode: continuous/pulse

5) Cooling of handpiece: semiconductor cooling

6) Input Power: 500W

7) Output Power: 200W

8) Power supply: 110V/ 220V, 60Hz, 10A

9) Dimension: 40cm*30cm*25cm (L*W*H)

10) Machine Net Weight: 15KG

11) Machine Gross Weight: 20KG


Our Products Advantages:

(1)  Safe and reliable: Design according to abundant clinical data worked out by many famous clinical doctors

(2)  User-friendly touching screen with multilanguage operating windows

(3)  Effective cooling system.

(4)  Quick treatment: continuous pulse mode greatly shortens treatment time.

(5)  Inner Time Control: Treated time between 1 to 99 minutes, safe and free.

(6)  Integrative Design: Easy to maintain and replace.

(7)  Good and safe alumnium packing

(8)  The best of Chinese insert and switch handpiece